Setting up a different Background Color Each Post/Page

Sometimes websites look too boring without colors and uniform and you want to try something new. But its really hard to play with the design unless you good at coding or got some skills to play around. In this post I am going to show you how to set a background color or a background image for your website pretty easily.

All you need to do is install the full width/full page background slider pluginNow click on the FWB slider option in the left hand panel and you will see the settings for the FWB slider. This plugin allows you to add a full width background slider to your website. But we dont need image here rather we want to change the website color. So first of all delete all the values in the FWB slide Value text box.

There is one checkbox saying ” Check it, if you want to use background color instead of slider”. Check the check box and select the color you want to set for your background. Press update and you are done. You have added a background color to your website.

I remember I said you can have different color for each page/post. Yes!!! you can. You will see a panel under each post and page with the same options and you can set the background color their for that post or page. Its pretty simple. I am sure you will love this free plugin and make your website more colorful.

Download the plugin here

If you do use this plugin to create something worth showing. Add a comment with the url. We would love to see what you did with your website.


Here is a video showing the same.


Improve your Conversion Rates – Notify your users

Most of the time your visitors are unaware of the fact that you may have something special to show them.  I got a plugin to do the same for me. Its pretty simple and straight forward and lets me control whether I want to show it or not on a post or page. Its really helpful for some cool messages like giveaways, offers, asking people to follow you or send a feedback to your and so on. There can be a lot of use for the same. The pro version of the plugin even lets you create multiple message bars and assign them to post and pages.

Here is the link to light version of the plugin.

Must Use Plugins

With 5 Years of Experience in WordPress Development. I have seen many changes. I started by customizing themes and installing plugins and slowly got into plugin and theme development. During this process and having worked with more than 200 clients. There are a few Must Have Plugins that I recommend to wordpress Developers.

1. Contact Form 7Any website is incomplete with out a contact form. And the Contact form 7 is all you need to create a contact form, be it complex, be it a simple form you can all do it by using the contact form 7 plugin

2. All in One SeoWith SEO playing a Major role in any websites Success, you cannot afford to not to use the All in One SEO plugin. It is what it says All in One.

3. Google XML Sitemap: You have to have a xml sitemap on your website for search engines to index and google xml sitemap plugin is a very simple and easy to use plugin for the same.

4. WP Maintainance ModeBeing a developer we know that we have to have a plugin that can keep the users away while the site is being developed and wp Maitenance mode fulfills that objective for you.